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An ice hockey project, which works under the auspices of the IIHF and offers pupils an additional physical and mental practice in cooperation with their schools and kindergardens.


The kids have a possibility to practice on and off ice, where they focus on many different aspects and skills, which they are not able to do in their hockey clubs. There they have a chance to work with the Best4Hockey tools. That makes the trainings fun and more efficient.


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Okanagan Hockey School Europe GmbH

The Okanagan Hockey School and Academy Europe were founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Okanagan Hockey School in Penticton, BC, Canada, the oldest and biggest Hockey School in the world, providing hockey instruction since 1963. Located in St. Pölten, Austria. 

During the Spring and Summer Hockey Camps as well as the regular Academy season, we are using the Best4Hockey training tools for practice on and off ice with our athletes to help them develop faster and efficient. Nets, Pass Masters, Green Bisquits, Skills Balls and other things are used daily in our new skills centre next to the ice rink.


EHC München

We appreciate B4H: Fast processing, kindness, fast delivery, best customer care. We use of B4H - training tools for instance Slide Board, TRX bands, stick handling floors and wide range of the pucks)

Head Coach Frank Hohenadl




EC Vienna Tigers

EC Vienna Tigers are at the moment the most successful youth ice hockey club in Austria, winning 7 gold and one silver medals in Bundesliga U11 - U14 in the last 2 seasons.

What makes the teams so outstanding is also the way of trainings and the diversity, we try to offer to our players, where the Best4Hockey training tools are one of the aspects. Thank you Best4Hockey to make my players love the trainings!

Head Coach U10/U11/U12 - Tomas Kala

As a former hockey player I know how important it is to put the correct value on effective workouts. The training is thereby varied, intense and simply thrilling. All this is reflected in the technique very well. I use for training a lot of training aids from Best4hockey such as Attack Triangle Pro or Sweet Hands. These things we use for the boys and juniors training.

Thank you Guys

Head Coach - Martin Maškarinec