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Relations between buyer and seller adhere to these general trading conditions. Relations which are not specified by these general trading conditions adhere to valid laws of the Czech Republic, especially by Civil Act no. 40/1964 Coll., by Consumer Protecting Act no. 634/1992 Coll. and by Business Act no. 513/1991 Sb as amended in the relevant amendatory acts.
By course of law 40/1964, according to section 53 of subsection 4, paragraph g),  the consumer possesses authority to withdraw from a contract without stating reasons and without any sanction within 14 days from the start of execution of contract.
For purchase purposes is considered as a consumer  such a client who is registered on e-shop as an individual without VAT.
During personal details and confidential information processing, our company keeps the strictest data protection norms in accordance with Act. nr. 101/2000Col concerning personal data protection in actual version.
When buyer places an order, it is considered to be a proposal to purchase contract. Seller will send to buyer acceptance of his order. After it is sent and the order in e-shop is marked as "Accepted", the purchase contract is considered to be entered.
By entering purchase contract buyer confirms that he knows these general trading conditions and accepts them.
Seller reserves the right to cancel an order or its part in case the goods are no longer in stock in the moment when warehouse staff prepares order. Seller is obliged to inform buyer via e-mail about the order status with a notification of unavailable or adjusted order items. If an order is not prepared entirely in conformity with buyer´s requirements, buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract at the latest by 14.00 of the following day after the e-mail was sent, unless seller and buyer reach another agreement. In that case the goods will be sent to buyer the following day.


The prices shown in the e-shop are including VAT.
We do not charge VAT to subjects with a valid VAT number within EU countries, apart from the Czech Republic.
We do charge VAT to customers residing outside the EU. Prices for EU customers vary in dependence on the fact whether they are designed for customers with business registration, or without. For countries outside EU there is no such a distinction.
For buying goods in foreign currencies we use a price conversion according to current exchange rates on our website at the time of order.
Seller reserves the right to make adjustments in the case of extra-large changes of exchange rates, further more in the case of changes of our supplier's conditions as well as in the case of apparent and provable faults.

Delivery time and delivery options

Delivery time of goods which are delivered by public transport company to the customer's address depends on the country of delivery.
Orders to the Czech Republic we usually realize within 2 weekdays. They are generally delivered within 24 hours after handing in the shipment to the transport company.
Orders to Slovakia will be delivered within 2-3 weekdays, to other countries within 4-10 days from the moment the payment is credited to our account or from the moment the customer makes a reservation of finances on his account for us, i.e. according to the bank it is 3-4 days from the money transfer.
Customers have an option to choose from two transport companies, Ceska posta, s.p. and an external transport company. Ceska posta, s.p. provides temporary storage of the delivery for 7 days in the case that the customer is not present at the delivery address. An external transport company is obliged to make only 2 attempts to deliver the shipment. However within 7 days there is a possibility to phone the transport company and arrange the delivery. We will send again the returned shipment only if the customer asks for it, in this case we will charge another fee for the delivery.

Personal receiving of goods is possible in our training center under the prior agreement.

Payment options

Payment by bank transfer is possible. Payment by bank transfer is unavailable unless you placed e-mail address in your registration!
If you would like to use PayPal payment, state it please as a note to your order and during finishing order choose advance payment option. Wait to be contacted by our employee who will tell you payment details. If you have any question, contact us at the email address
For info concerning  Pay Pal payment - see
When you will pay in advance, you will get invoice for goods by email.

Cost of delivery

The cost of the delivery depends on a country of delivery, on a weight, or on the volume of the parcel. The evidence weight of the goods is used for the calculation of the parcel weight. A negotiated weight of wrapping is added to the total weight.
If the shipment exceeds the limit conditions for the transport, it will be divided into more parcels. The cost of each parcel is added together.
Current price of postal fee will be displayed during the process of finishing order after you choose required delivery and payment option.


The warranty is provided only for the refund of the goods itself. Any other refunds are refused.
The beginning of the complaint procedure does not remove the duty of the purchaser to pay the invoices in the given term. Thus, it is not possible for the purchaser to stop the payment of the invoices due to a complaint procedure.
It is necessary to add a written complaint with the returning goods. Written complaint must include a description of the fault, a suggestion for the liquidation of the complaint and a copy of the receipt (the invoice), or a damage record proving that the goods were damaged during the transport.
In the case that goods are damaged during transport and you have not written complaint concerning damaged parcel, it is necessary to announce complaint at latest on the following weekday after the day you received the parcel. Delayed complaints will not be accepted.
Your complaint and goods send to the following address:
Daniel Vítů
Schoellerova 936
Praha 9
196 00


We do not draw certificates of product origin EUR1, neither do we show preference sentences confirming origin of goods.
The seller reserves the right to make adjustments or changes of these general trading conditions.

Validity of these trading conditions is since 1.4.2013.