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The SpeedBall is lighter than a puck, weighing in at 60 grams (a little over 2 oz.). Get lightening fast hands by using a stickhandling ball that is lighter than a puck!

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What is the SpeedBall?  PUT YOUR HANDS TO THE TEST!

  • A light weight enables the player to practice stickhandling movements at a speed that they would not normally be able to with something heavier or even the weight of the puck. TheSpeedBall works on hand and stick blade quickness which is something that can only be developed by using something lighter than a puck.

It all lends to the training concept that REPETITION builds "muscle memory". All that means is that once your muscles remember how to do something then they are able to react instinctively without thinking about it. During a game, a split-second can decide the outcome of a game, a player with quick hands can be that deciding factor. Overall, This ball allows the player to develop proper stickhandling technique using the top hand wrist roll.

  • Use it at home in the driveway or on other hand, smooth surface.
  • Great pre-game warm-up tool!
  • The SpeedBall is lighter than a puck (60 gr., a little over 2 oz.) and works great on any hard surface.


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